Eterniti Motors – Who are they?

Eterniti Motors today released the most mysterious and least informative press release weve ever read. So we thought wed share what we were sent and see what we can find out about them.

Well start off by printing the press release in full, it wont take long:

The New Luxury Car Brand

A new luxury car brand is coming.

A different kind of luxury car brand.

A luxury car brand from London.

Eterniti Motors.

Thats it. Plus one oddly drawn sketch of what appears to be a 5-door SUV.

The Twitter reaction has been rather amusing, with @CraigThomas questioning how Infiniti will react to their choice of name. Personally we think its just about the chavviest name they could have chosen, with @VenturaBlvd replying saying it sounds like a jewellery brand from Argos.