Range Rover Evoque Special Edition

Its hard not to imagine the design team at Range Rover grinding their teeth every time a tabloid newspaper says that Victoria Beckham designed their most recent vehicle, the Evoque.
Until now, the limit of Posh Spices involvement has been to choose colour and trim combinations as Creative Design Executive, but the Evoque Special Edition let Mrs Beckham really go to town with trim and materials, unveiling the most luxurious Evoque yet at the Beijing Motor Show.
range rover evoque se


The definitely-not-designed-by-Victoria-Beckham exterior is becoming a familiar shape on the roads now, and the Special Edition is no less head-turning.
Most noticeable is the hand-finished matt grey paint, complemented by 20-inch gloss black forged alloy wheels, and rose-gold details, a detail selected by Victoria herself. The striking shape remains unchanged, but the Special Edition features will help separate the car from the less celebrity-inspired versions in the range.
range rover evoque se


Most of Beckhams work has gone into the Evoques interior. Vintage Tan leather contrasts with the mean and moody exterior, and is enhanced with what Land Rover calls a tongue-in-cheek reference to her sporting husband David, in the form of baseball-style (yes, we know) stitching.
The Special Edition also features new, luxurious mohair floor mats, chosen as they reminded Victoria of the thick carpets in her dads old Rolls-Royce. Mrs Beckhams own designer luggage range makes an appearance, with a bespoke set of hand-stitched, black leather, suede-lined suitcases and wash bags.
The car is also supplied with a matching leather wallet, with rose-gold detailing. Each one is signed by Victoria Beckham.
A Meridian audio system also finds its way into the car, with 825W of power and 17 speakers.


Only one engine is available in the Special Edition, and its the range-topping, 240PS Si4 2.0-litre petrol turbo. That provides enough shove for 0-60mph in 7.1 seconds, and a top speed of 135mph. Itll also do 32.5 miles to every gallon, and cost 250 a year to tax.


Go and make yourself a nice cup of tea. Then sit down, but dont take a mouthful of tea until after youve read the price. All sorted? Good. Theres no gentle way of saying this, so well just come out with it: 79,995.
For perspective, thats around double the price of a regular Evoque with the Si4 turbocharged engine, or a little less than that of a full-size Range Rover 4.4 TDV8 Autobiography. So its very expensive.
But ask yourself: Will anyone pay that? Of course they will. Its a Range Rover Evoque breathed on by Her Poshness herself. The market may be small, but they wont be able to open their chequebooks quickly enough.
Available from: October 2012
victoria evoque


Its eighty grand of Range Rover Evoque - were pretty sure youve drawn your own conclusions already. But whether that price is worth it or not depends on how much you value the impressive hand-finishing thats gone into the car, and how much value you put on the Beckham brand.
If the answer to either of those isnt a lot, then youre probably better off with the (already brilliant) regular Evoque.
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