Ferrari 458 Spider Photos Leaked

Leaked photos of the Ferrari 458 Spider have emerged on the internet today. Its a highly anticipated car thats due to be launched soon and could be the first mid-engined Ferrari with a folding hard-top roof.

Theres no guaranteeing that these shots are real, but they certainly follow the same style as previous Ferrari press shots and its a very impressive photoshop job if theyre not.

Ferrari 458 Spider rear

There were rumours that the 458 Spider would have a folding hard-top, similar to one that the California has, but these leaked photos only show it with the roof down. If it were to have a folding hard-top then it would be the first of the mid-engined Ferraris to do so.

The 360 Spider and F430 Spider both had see-through engine bays, so perhaps the lack of it from these photos suggests it may well have a folding metal roof.

The Ferrari 458 is the joint-highest rated car on sale at the moment, along with the McLaren MP4-12C, so were looking forward to seeing the reviews for the 458 Spider when it comes out.

Ferrari 458 Spider profile

Its set to debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show, which is in mid-September, so well see it in full then. We first saw these photos over at Jalopnik, who found them on CheersandGears.

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