Brand New Ferrari – The FF

Ferrari FF grey

Ferrari have just unveiled the FF, a stunning new four seater that is also the first four-wheel drive that Ferrari have ever made.

Ferrari FF Side

The FF has a 6.4 litre V12 engine, giving 650bhp, a 0-60 time of just 3.7 seconds and a top speed of 208mph. The four-wheel drive system has been developed in house by Ferrari and they’ve called it ‘4RM’. The launch release suggests that the FF will come with carbon-ceramic brakes as standard.

Ferrari FF front

There aren’t any photos of the interior yet, but Ferrari promise it will have a roomier cabin that any of its rivals. Boot space is a huge 450 litres, bigger than many large saloon cars.

It’s clearly a stunning car, with lots of styling cues coming from the 458 Italia, but we can’t help but be reminded of the Z3 M Coupe.

Ferrari FF back

More information, including the price, will come out in March when it’s launched at the Geneva Motor Show.


Twitter Reactions

Reactions on Twitter from some of the top automotive tweeters:

@Kryisa06: Is it wrong that i think i love the new Ferrari FF a little bit?

@Andrew_Frankel: Four wheel drive Ferrari? Whatever next – a two wheel drive Land-Rover? Oh, hang on…

@evoNickTrott: Holy moly! A four-wheel drive Ferrari! Fabulous-styling, although I can’t help thinking there’s a little of the BMW Z3 M Coupe in it…

@thetimhutton: Love the new Ferrari BMW 4wd Z3 M

@Yoted: The twitterverse screams #z3m at #ferrari 🙂

@MotoriousFranco: So the new Ferrari #FF is on the bit of the ugly side. have you heard the noise it makes? It’s a beast

@aronline_uk:’s the first Ferrari I like since the 288GTO (my opinion only)

@VincentDesmonts: BREAKING NEWS : some bloke just turned a BMW Z3 Coupe into a faux Ferrari !… oh, wait…

@TheCarDisco: Ferrari must be spending too much time on Twitter if they’re calling their new model ‘FF’. Will they call the 458 replacement ‘Bieber’?

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