Remember The Fiat Multipla? Fiat Does, With The New 500L MPW

Cars are all about compromises. Choose to buy a two-seater sports car, and trips to buy wardrobes from Ikea are no longer within your remit. Spend your weekends off-roading, and track days probably won't also be on the menu.

Drive a seven-seater car, whether through careless procreation or your existing kids' popularity, and you might have to kiss the concept of style goodbye.

Fiat would disagree, its new 500L MPW aping details found on the sweet little Fiat 500, but we'd disagree with their disagreement.

Fiat 500L MPW rear

The company promises the 500L MPW has "all the charm of the 500", presumably in the same way Cindarella's ugly sisters had all the charm of Cindarella.

No, the MPW is not a pretty vehicle, particularly toward the rear. If Fiat's aim was to remind you of all the full nappies you'll be changing as a parent with several children, it has undoubtedly succeeded.

But maybe that's unfair. After all, those are the sacrifices you knew you'd make in opting for a seven-seater car. The 500L MPW is ungainly, but then most other MPVs are bland. At least the Fiat has personality.

It also has 638 litres of boot space, with the rear seats stowed, despite being 20cm shorter than the average estate car in the segment - think Focus Estate, Astra Sports Tourer and so-on. Its higher roof sees to that, and facilitates the inclusion of those extra seats. If Fiat's images are to be believed, legroom in the rearmost row doesn't even look too bad.

Fiat 500L MPW boot

Inside is definitely the place to be with the 500L MPW, not least because the outside is rendered invisible. Buyers will enjoy two trim levels - Pop Star and Lounge - with multiple colour and trim options and plenty of equipment.

Engine choices include a 1.4-litre, 95 bhp unit, the characterful 105 bhp TwinAir engine, and two diesels - an 85-horse 1.3 and a 105 bhp 1.6. Expect economy and emissions to vary little from the smaller 500L, the most frugal diesel nearing the 70 mpg marker.

Priced from: Not yet announced
Available from: Not yet announced

Fiat 500L MPW seats


The Fiat 500L MPW isn't without precedent. Eyes were shielded in terror at the launch of Fiat's old Multipla when that frog-eyed beast first arrived, but it became popular nevertheless as a practical, versatile MPV with undeniable charm next to "me too" rivals.

With plenty of space, a useful seven-seat option and... "different" styling, the 500L MPW could well find fans with those who can't bring themselves to buy a bog-standard estate car, or who really do find it "beautiful, intelligent and stylish", as the press release claims.

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