The 85mpg Ford Fiesta!

Fords latest Fiesta and FiestaVan ECOnetic now produce just 87g/km of CO2 emissions and will return up to 85.6mpg, thanks to a raft of changes.
This doesnt just mean that you get outstanding fuel economy you dont pay any road tax for the cars at all either!


Part of the tweaks to deliver this level of fuel efficiency involve considering the Fiestas aerodynamics, coaxing and massaging them to help it cleave through the air with the minimum of fuss. So Ford has fitted a discreet aero pack comprising an undershield, wheel deflectors, and low rolling resistance tyres.


Ford is offering three trim levels: Edge, Zetec or Titanium. You get a shift indicator light in all trim levels, encouraging you to change up early to save fuel, something that is also helped by the Auto-Start-Stop system, ECO mode, and regenerative braking system.
Fiesta Econetic back


The attention to detail needed to reduce fuel consumption to such low levels is astonishing; there are no big leaps to be made and everything comes in small, incremental steps that add up to the big picture.
The 94bhp 1.6TDCi engine now has reduced friction, a variable flow oil pump, and revised gear ratios. It also has a more efficient air conditioning system, cooling fan, and alternator; every little helps!

Worth knowing

The Duratorq TDCi engines are built in a factory that derives all of its energy from renewable sources, including three wind turbines.
Price:Prices start at 14,445 for the Fiesta ECOnetic, and 12,215 for the FiestaVan ECOnetic.
Available from:Now
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The changes might be small when you consider them individually, but added together they make a huge difference and you wont even notice most of them until its time to fill it up or apply for a new tax disc!
The Fiesta gains a very good buzzScore anyway with the experts heaping praise on it for its fine chassis and high-quality interior. Now that it has been fitted with one of the most economical engines in its class youve got no excuse for not checking them out if youre in the market for a small hatchback!
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