New Ford Focus Zetec S – No ST, but still smart

Ford has just released full details of the sportiest Focus so far. We take a detailed look, see what it offers and give our verdict.
The new Zetec S trim will be available on four different engines, the highest powered of which is the 1.6 EcoBoost 180PS.
The Zetec S adds to the existing Zetec trim by adding a few cosmetic and technical changes.
Focus Zetec S rear
First up is a sporty styling kit, which has a lower front and rear sill and a subtle but smart spoiler on the back. Other styling differences include 17 inch wheels, rear LED tail lights, a Ford Power starter button and aluminum-look pedals. The Zetec S also gets sports suspension, with stiffened springs and dampers.
The Zetec S costs 1,250 over the Zetec models. Ford say that if you were to purchase the extras separately it would add up to over 1,700.
Focus Zetec S interior
If you want it on the Focus hatchback then its available now, if you want it on the Focus Estate then youll have to wait till February 2012. The other engines the Zetec S is available with are the 1.6 125PS, 2.0 TDCI 163PS and 1.6 TDCI 115PS.
Focus Zetec S white


It certainly whets the appetite for the forthcoming Focus ST, which will be launched next year. However, we cant help thinking that if you want a hot hatch Focus then rather than buying the Zetec S with the 1.6 EcoBoost 180, the most powerful engine, that you should wait for the ST.
We can see the appeal of the Zetec S for cheaper and lower powered models, as you can have the sporty looks whilst still enjoying low running costs. The body-kit is subtle and not at all boy racer and the sportier suspension will be enjoyed by keen drivers.
Zetec S Focus back
The only slight issue some buyers might have is that there isnt any Zetec S badging, not even on the back. The Zetec sub-brand has quite a reputation with Ford fans, so some may be disappointed that it isnt prominently stated.
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