Ford Mondeo Graphite & Titanium X Business Edition

We’ve heard all the statistics – single trim lines of the Nissan Qashqai outsell Mondeos, BMW 3-Series outsell Mondeos – and how long has it been since a political party wanted to grab Mondeo Man’s vote?

It’s not that the Mondeo isn’t a good car – quite the opposite – but customers are simply looking elsewhere these days.

Perhaps a splash of value, economy and equipment will bring them back. Ford has added two new trim lines to the Mondeo in a slimmed-down range.

An entry-level Graphite debuts for only 15,995. You won’t get a 3-Series or Qashqai for that sort of money, and the Mondeo is still as big and comfortable as it ever was.

You still get plenty for your money with the Graphite, including 17-inch alloys, LED daytime running lights and tail lights, electric heated door mirrors, sports suspension on diesel models and things like MP3, Bluetooth, a leather wheel and aircon on the inside.

Ford Mondeo Graphite interior

Titanium X Business Editions replace the old Titanium X line and start at 21,995.

For that you get much the same kit as the Graphite but also rear privacy glass, more chrome trim, touchscreen navigation, fancier interior trim and a starter button.

Both are available with an updated version of Ford’s 2.0-litre Duratorq TDCi diesel engine.

In its latest form, CO2 emissions start at just 119 g/km regardless of whether you choose the 140PS or 163PS outputs. That’s an improvement of 10 g/km, while fuel economy jumps from 57.6 mpg to 61.4.

As a result, you’ll also pay just 30 a year for VED, matching the cheapest of those pesky Qashqais. For 2013-2014, company users will pay a BIK tax rate of 18 percent.

Priced from: 15,995 (Graphite), 21,995 (Titanium X Business Edition)

Available from: Now

Ford Mondeo Titanium X estate


It seems almost a shame the Mondeo isn’t the top-seller it once was, as it’s a more rounded car than ever. It gets excellent reviews from the motoring press and remains as good to drive as ever, but niche marketing has seen staid hatchbacks and saloons fall out of fashion. Don’t be too depressed if it pops up on your company car list, though.

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