Ford Offers Official Mountune Upgrades For ST Models

Almost no-one so far has finished a drive in Ford's newest hot hatches and thought "You know, this could stand to have some more power". With high scoring reviews almost across the board, a shortage of power wasn't in anyone's negatives column.

But from September that's exactly what Fiesta ST and Focus ST drivers can have - if they choose.

Available as an aftermarket option from any of the UK's 120 official Mountune dealers, the 90 minute modification not only turns the wick up to eleven but it's covered by Ford's 3 year/60,000 mile warranty.

The Fiesta upgrade will set you back 599 (including VAT) and includes reworked engine electronics, a re-modelled air box base with secondary inlet duct and a high-flow filter. The power rises from 182hp to 213hp (with additional overboost) while the torque increases from 177 lbfft to 231lbfft.

This reduces the 0-60mph sprint by 0.2s to 6.7s, while in-gear acceleration times also tumble.

For the Focus ST there are two options: silver (1,225) and black (1,275).

Both upgrades offer the same power increases - from 250hp to 273hp and from 265lbfft to 289lbfft - from a cast inlet, high-flow filter and new alloy intercooler, differing only in the colour powdercoat finish of the inlet and intercooler.

A sub 6 second 0-60mph time is projected for the Mountune Focus ST, which is impressive performance from a 23,220 outlay!


The Focus and Fiesta STs are not exactly short on pace as it is and there's certainly some sense of diminishing returns on the 0-60mph times, trying to shovel that extra power through the front wheels.

But 0-anything times are only interesting if you're doing a lot of traffic light grands prix. The Mountune upgrades give you more flexibility when you're already moving.

For less than the cost of much of the Focus's options list you get Renaultsport Megane 265 performance for less than Golf GTi money - and the Fiesta is reaching for the Clio 200 for less extra money than a special paint finish. And it's all covered by Ford's warranty. It's barely even a choice!

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