GTI joins Golf Cabrio range

Cabriolets have always been an integral part of the Golf range, providing customers with all the usual Golf attributes - solid good looks, quality, reliability - but adding a dash of open-air fun for those high days and holidays.
Theyve always been desirable too - it doesnt take long to realise that most of the Golf Mk1s left on UK roads seem to be cabriolet versions, despite selling in smaller numbers to start with. The cabriolets have been cherished, while the bog-standard models were left to rot.
Thats a long-winded way of saying that the current Golf Cabriolet is a welcome addition to the range, and now that its joined by a GTI model, it combines two of the best-loved Golf models - the sporting one, and the open-topped one.
The styling is recognisably GTI, with the exception of the rather softer roof. You still get the stunning, 18-inch Monza Shadow wheels, the red stripe around the grille and the iconic, old-style GTI badge on the nose.
A deeper front bumper and side extensions help to beef up the Cabrios looks, and a bespoke rear diffuser sports a chromed tailpipe tip on each side, ready to parp out the GTIs sporty soundtrack.
Inside its all GTI too. Flip down the roof and you can enjoy the sun shining on the retro Jacara tartan upholstery (or optional leather), and the leather-wrapped steering wheel, handbrake lever and gear lever gaiter.
Should the rain fall - and this being the UK, it probably is while youre reading this - the hood will erect itself in under ten seconds, at speeds of up to 18mph.
Underneath you get the GTIs standard 2.0-litre turbocharged four-cylinder, producing 210 PS whether you choose the six-speed manual or six-speed dual-clutch DSG transmission. 62mph appears in 7.3 seconds, and youll see up to 147mph on the speedo. Combined fuel consumption is 37.2mpg for the manual, 36.7mpg for the DSG.
On sale: Order now, deliveries start in June
Price: 29,310 for the manual, 30,610 for the DSG
The GTI cabrio seems such a logical fit in the Golf range were surprised it didnt appear sooner - but give it another thirty years and you can be sure theyre the models that will be around in the greatest numbers. People just love Golf Cabriolets
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