Volkswagen Golf Mk7 - Safety Up, Insurance Down

The new Golf has become one of several new vehicles to achieve a top-ranking five-star rating in the European New Car Assessment Program crash tests - Euro NCAP for short.
Thats perhaps no surprise, as car safety is improving all the time - to such a level that Euro NCAP will surely have to create a few extra stars to differentiate between all the top-scoring cars.
Perhaps more immediately tangible news for new Golf owners will be the reduction in insurance rates, however.

Golf NCAP Crash Test Results

5/5 Star Overall Rating
Adult Occupant Rating - 94%
Both driver and passenger ratings showed good protection.
Child Occupant Rating - 89%
The Golf scored maximum marks for its protection of a 3 year old in a child seat.
Pedestrian Rating - 89%
Protection was good for collisions with children, but protection offered to an adult hit was poor/marginal.
All these scores are very impressive and the general notes from the Euro NCAP tests had very few negative points.

Golf Safety and Security - Insurance down

The Association of British Insurers has studied the car carefully, and awarded it ratings far lower than that of the previous model.
The base 1.2 TSI 85PS, in S-level trim, is now group 7E (E means it exceeds the ABIs security standards) on the 50-group scale - an equivalent version of the previous Golf would sit in group 11E. The current range-topping TDI has improved too. With 150PS under the bonnet it gets a group 19E, where the 10PS less-powerful Golf Mk6 sat in group 24E.

Standard Golf Safety Equipment

In addition to the new, stronger body, the Golf is loaded with kit that should keep you out of harms way in an accident. What does it all do? Well tell you:
Multiple impact brake activation - If youre unlucky enough to have an impact, this system automatically brakes the car to a halt to reduce the chances of further collisions. This is important, since by the time a second collision takes place, many of the cars airbags may already have deployed, providing no further protection.
Here's a video with how it works:

Driver alert fatigue detection - As the term implies, the system detects when the driver may be dozing off - and provides a warning to wake them. Standard on the SE and GT spec cars, 65 on the S.
Proactive occupant protection - This multi-faceted system deals with several aspects of occupant safety, should a collision be imminent. It can pre-tension safety belts, and even shut the windows and sunroof if it detects the car skidding, helping the airbags to work most effectively should an accident take place. Standard on the SE and GT spec cars, 135 on the S.
Traction Control - A number of traction control systems, all with confusing acronyms come as standard. ESP (Electronic Stabilisation Program), EDL (Electronic Differential Lock) and ASR (Traction control).

Lane assist - This system monitors the road ahead. If it senses your car is drifting out of your lane - on a motorway, for example - it can gently guide the car back into the centre of the lane. Naturally, the system doesnt intervene if youre using the indicators and deliberately want to change lanes.
Front assist - This is part of the active cruise control system. Front assist can automatically slow your car should the vehicle in front slow down on the motorway. If the driver looks to be reacting too late to rapidly slowing traffic, it can also apply the brakes more heavily - and warns of dangerous situations with visual and sound signals, and braking jolts.
City emergency braking - Similar to the above, and operating at speeds under 18 mph, city emergency braking can prime the brakes in an emergency situation to make them more responsive. Should the driver not react, it can apply full force to the brakes itself.
Front Side Airbags - There are still quite a few similar cars that this is an optional extra, its standard though now on all Golfs.

Optional Golf Safety Equipment

Rear side airbag system - This is a 265 option and its only available on the the 5 door model. As the name suggests, it adds side airbags for the two outer rear passengers. Front side airbags are standard.


Many of the above systems are also available on other Volkswagens - and some, on vehicles from other manufacturers.
All show the efforts to which manufacturers are now going, to improve safety. And its why drivers of the new Volkswagen Golf will be able to enjoy one of the safest, most technologically advanced cars in its class.
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