Goodwood Festival of Speed 2013: The Cars To Look Out For

With the Goodwood Festival of Speed celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, it wouldnt be wrong to expect this years edition of the worlds largest car-themed garden party to be one worth attending.

Especially as this celebratory Goodwoods Greatest Hits special coincides with several other high-profile anniversaries like the Porsche 911s 50th birthday and several major UK and world car debuts.

Hence why us here at carwow have compiled a little list of what we reckon are the must-see cars to see this year at the Festival of Speed this week.

World Debuts

Skoda Octavia vRS

Skoda Octavia vRS

Skoda could have easily decided to reveal the new Octavia vRS at one of the glitzy major motor shows on the calendar, with every feature of its subtly sporty styling illuminated by the floodlights and digital camera flashguns.

Instead (and perhaps a testament to how influential the Festival of Speed is nowadays), the sporty Octavia saloon will be making its world debut in the confines of the Goodwood estate. And probably still surrounded by press photographers...

Skoda hasnt stated as of yet whether the 217hp 2.0 petrol and/or the 180hp 2.0 TDI diesel versions of the new Octavia vRS will be present at the Festival, so keep your ears perked up for whenyou seem them hammering their way up the Goodwood Hill Climb route.



Whilst it has already been shown off to a private crowd at the Royal Automobile Club, this years FoS will be the first time the VUHL 05 trackday car will be shown off in front of the public, and the first time anyone outside of VUHL has seen it in action.

Whilst its relative obscurity may make this one of the least-likely attention grabbers especially alongside the Veyrons and the Koenigseggs in the Supercar Paddock the 59,999 Mexican mid-engined circuit smasher is one to keep an eye on.

Especially in an era where the market for track day toys is growing at a considerable rate, and with the likes of the BAC Mono and KTM X-Bow proving that newcomers with serious asking prices can flourish.

So, whilst it might seem a tad weird and incognito now, just wait until the press get their hands on it closer to its release date later this year in November...

Public Debuts

McLaren P1

McLaren P1

Whilst the worlds already been swooning over the McLaren P1 for the last few months now, the Goodwood Festival of Speed will give quite a few people a chance to see the new hybrid Macca in the flesh in broad daylight, outside of the controlled confines of motor shows and the Forza Motorsport 5 screenshots.

Not only that, but McLaren will also be sending its flagship supercar up the Hill Climb route as well, marking the first time the P1 will be run in the public for the very first time, anywhere in the world.

Given theres very little margin for error on Lord Marchs narrow driveway, its perhaps unlikely that all of the P1s petrol-electric 903bhp and 600kg of downforce when McLarens test drivers take it for a spin later this week.

Mind you, that doesnt mean you should expect them to pilot the P1 up the hill purely in EV mode. Though that would be a pretty cool look how green our supercar is PR move if McLaren did that!

Jaguar F-Type Design Study

Jaguar F-Type

With the F-Type Roadster having comfortably established itself as one of the most talked about new cars of the year so far, its not surprising to hear of Jaguar planning to preview the new chapter in the halo cars success story at Goodwood this year

The Jaguar PR teams trickle of information regarding its presence at the Festival of Speed also isnt that big of a bombshell: what better way to guarantee a media frenzy on the day than to simply say no more than therell be a new F-Type on display?

At this moment in time, speculation is pointing at this styling showcase either being a first glimpse at the F-Type Coupe, which has recently been spied in prototype form around the Nurburgring Nordschleife, or for a possible F-Type R.

Either way, itll be loud, itll be fast, and itll almost certainly be jaw-droppingly gorgeous to look at!

Renault Zoe

Renault Zoe

Whilst this car brings us back down to Earth from all those sporty offerings that have dominated the list so far, its still one of the most advanced cars youll perhaps see at this years Festival of Speed: the all-electric Renault Zoe.

Building on the lessons learnt through the Twizy and the Renaults step-sister, the Nissan Leaf, the Zoe could end up marking a shift in the way us sceptical Euro folk look at electric cars: with a starting price of 13,995 and a range that doesnt restrict most supermini buyers, we could very well be seeing a pivotal point in the timeline of the motor car here.

So, if youre interested in trying in the prospect of electric car ownership and youre attending the Festivals Moving Motor Show on Thursday 11th July, do check out the Renault booth there, as a Zoe or two will almost certainly be available to take out for a test drive.

Make sure your name down on the list if youre serious about trying out the Renault, though, as the available slots do tend to get booked up rather quickly indeed.

Lexus IS

Lexus IS

Whilst the LFA supercar has regularly flaunted its carbon-composite coachwork over the years at various Festivals, 2013 marks the first year Lexus has made an official appearance at Goodwood.

So, alongside the LFA and all the saloons in F-Sport trim, the currently sun kissed Sussex countryside that makes up the Goodwood Estate will also be the location for the new Lexus IS public debut in the UK.

As with the Renault Zoe, the IS will be available to test drive on the Thursday in 300h hybrid spec, so it might be worth popping by the Lexus booth in the Moving Motor Show Hall if youre eyeing up a new executive saloon to buy outright or to specify as a company or fleet car

Porsche 911 GT3

Porsche 911 GT3

2013 marks a pretty important year for the Porsche 911, as it marks the 50th anniversary of the worlds most popular rear-engined sports car.

As a result, its fitting that perhaps the greatest incarnation of the car to date the latest 911 GT3, controversial PDK paddleshift transmission and all will be one of the spear head acts of the celebrations at the Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Sadly, unlike the aforementioned Renault and Lexus, the 911 GT3 wont be a car your Average Joe can drive at the Festival, so us mere mortals wont be able to experience the GT3s key features, such as the four-wheel steering system.

At least we can stand by as spectators, basking in the aural majesty of the 475hp 3.8 flat-sixs wail, that 9,000rpm crescendo and those razor-sharp throttle blips on the downshifts, eh?

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