Gorgeous Citroen DS5: First photos and details

Citroen have just released photos of the stunning new DS5. It may look like a concept car, but its not, this car will be on sale very soon.

The Citroen DS5 is a five seat, four door hatchback which aims to offer the luxury of an executive car.

Citroen DS5 back view

It will be available with a hybrid diesel engine, called the HYbrid4 diesel. With 200bph, 4 wheel drive and CO2 emissions of just 99g/km its an impressive sounding engine.

Its a seriously good looking car. Were big fans of the styling of both the Citroen DS3 and DS4, but this DS5 is our favourite so far. The design gives it a very low and wide posture, with the detailing at the front emphasising the sporty styling.

Citroen DS5 interior

The interior is clearly going to be a highlight. The pilot style design features two switch and toggle console, one of which is above the drivers head. Continuing the pilot theme, there will also be a colour head up display in front of the drivers line of sight.

Citroen say that there will be the option of fine grain Club leather and watch strap seat upholstery. The DS4 has comforts like massaging seats, which will most likely find their way to the DS5 too.

Shanghai DS5

Twitter Reactions

What some of the top UK car personalities are saying about the DS5:

IamSimonHarris – Just seen the DS5. Uh-oh! It’s the Vauxhall Signum all over again!

ChasHallett – New Citroen DS5 does it for me – especially the interior

Jon_Quirk – New Citroen DS5 appears to have the Chinese market checklist of chrome, big headlamps large rear space covered.

CimaRacing – Flat bottomed steering wheels. Look cool, annoying to use on the road. Are you listening, Citroen DS5?

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