Honda CR-V Diesel With Added "Earth Dreams"...

Following in the footsteps of the Civic hatch earlier this year, the British-built CR-V crossover has become the second car in Honda's range to utilise their new greener diesel engine.

Aimed at a market demanding ever more efficient crossovers, the 1.6-litre CR-V is the latest diesel 2WD crossover to hit the market.

The "Earth Dreams Technology" 1.6 i-DTEC unit under the bonnet offers 118hp and 220lbft and, powering the Civic, returns a tax-free 94g/km CO2. In the heavier CR-V body it can't quite match those returns, but 119g/km CO2(equivalent to around 63mpg) is good enough for a tax-free first year and 30 annually thereafter.

In an effort to improve economy further, it also utilises Honda's ECON driving mode, Eco Assist driver information software and Idle Stop. Other than the engine, the CR-V remains unchanged from the rest of the model lineup.

Prices and specifications for the 1.6 have yet to be announced, to be clarified nearer the autumn launch window, but expect the range to start from just over 20,000.

Prices from:Not yet announced
Available from:Autumn 2013


Previously outstripped by competitors for economy, the 1.6 i-DTEC adds a much needed low carbon emission choice to the model and should bring a more competitive edge in a very tightly contested market sector.

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