Honda Civic Tourer Priced For UK, Arrives February

What am I looking at?

The Honda Civic Tourer. It is - if you'd not guessed from the photos - an estate version of the latest Civic.

Anything new?

The bit on the back. It's the first time Honda's had an estate car in the class since the late 90s, and with a 624-litre boot it's doing things properly. That's not just bigger than the Civic hatchback's boot, but comfortably larger than all its major rivals too.

Honda Civic Tourer red

What powers it?

Two engines will be available. The first is a 1.8 i-VTEC petrol unit, with 142 PS and combined economy of 45.5 mpg. It's a smooth, easy-going engine and one we've tried in the hatch - but there's nothing too spectacular about it.

We're much more enamoured with the second unit, Honda's 1.6 i-DTEC diesel. It's comfortably the best 1.6-litre diesel we've tested - quiet, refined and unbelievably economical. Where most 1.6 diesels end up getting mid-fifties economy in real-world driving, we managed a comfortable mid-sixties. Officially it'll do 74.3 mpg, with free car tax.

Honda Civic Tourer rear

Anything else?

The Civic Tourer's practicality is enhanced by what Honda calls its 'Magic Seat' system. Sounds naff, but does allow the rear seats to flip down easily for a perfectly flat load floor and 1,668-litre space.

It's also clever - as well as a host of standard-fit safety systems, Honda has also given the Tourer a rear Adaptive Damper System, adjusting the damping of the rear system depending on the load you're carrying - theoretically, maintaining the car's handling balance and ride quality.

Honda Civic Tourer boot

And how much will it cost?

20,625, if you're only after the petrol. If diesel is more your thing, make that 21,375 for a car in S trim.

There's no S level on the 1.8 or 1.6 diesel hatchs so it's a little difficult to compare like-for-like, but the estate is around a grand more than the basic petrol and only 600 or so more than the cheapest diesel. The Civic will set you back more than an equivalent Focus, but less than a Golf - same as always.

Any alternatives?

The aforementioned Focus and Golf, plus a host of others - Astra Sport Tourers, Auris Touring Sports, Kias, Hyundais, Skodas - almost everyone offers an estate. Head over to our Car Chooser for a list of similarly-priced rivals.

Honda Civic Tourer doors

In a line:

Frugality and practicality for British-built wagon.

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