Honda's Latest Type R to Debut in March

The Geneva Motor Show is always an exciting time of year and never more so than when manufacturers unveil some of their production-ready concepts. Leading the way for Honda this year is this Civic Type R Concept - a pretty strong hint at the looks of the car coming to market in 2015.

While clearly a current generation Civic underneath, this pumped up and bewinged concept lends an air of aggression that we're used to seeing from Honda's halo sporting nameplate. Though it appears to have twice as many exhausts as is strictly necessary - Type Rs generally being powered by four pot engines of around 2 litre capacity - and that hoofing great twin element spoiler with pretty stunning wraparound LED lights may be somewhat too overt to pass into final production, it's a pretty good look at what every boy racer will be dreaming of come next year.

It's not just about the Civic though. Honda will also be showing the latest version of its frighteningly long-gestation NSX successor. Powered by a longitudinally-mounted, V6 direct injection, twin turbo engine with a 3 motor hybrid system powering all four wheels, this next-gen NSX has been doing the rounds for a couple of years now, as Honda seek to refine the car to take on models like Nissan's GT-R.

Also making the trip to Geneva is Honda's latest fuel-cell electric vehicle - conveniently dubbed FCEV - as it looks to take the technology to market in the USA and Japan in 2015.

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