Honda Livens Up The Jazz With ES Plus Trim

The Honda Jazz has always been a firm favourite in the small hatch sector, offering good value for money and practicality at the expense of the slightly more raw driving experience on the table from more youth-oriented models. So a mid-range, midlife update to enhance the car's strong value can only be a good thing.

Coming in at just under 14,500, Honda's new ES Plus trim adds an air of the grown-up to the outgoing ES model, with 16-inch wheels, privacy glass, leather accoutrements and even cruise control on top of the existing specification.

While the extra kit hints at a focus on shift from the core Jazz market, it moves the little Honda into the range of other competitors.

The Peugeot 208 - particularly in Intuitive trim - offers much the same level of kit at a similar price point, but gives a better drive than the Jazz. It's slightly less practical and the ride quality isn't as well rated, though it returns better fuel economy.

The relatively staid looks of the Jazz might also bring more interesting competitors like the Citroen DS3 and Nissan Juke into the picture, both of which can be bought for similar money.

Priced from: 14,495
Available from: 1st July


The Jazz's recent history has been marked by a gradual maturing of the car, bringing it away from the slightly left-field choice of the elderly driver and more towards the mainstream hatch. The ES Plus continues that theme, with options the mainstream driver looks for.

It could be a risky move - there are better driving and more frugal cars out there, while it's well beaten for quirkiness - but the Jazz is a very highly rated little car, particularly with the 1.4 engine of this model.

Nevertheless, the Jazz's strong point has always been value for money and the ES Plus enhances that reputation.

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