Honda’s predictive cruise control will dodge dodgy drivers

Ever been cruising along on cruise control only to have a driver in an overtaking lane scythe in front of you as they spot an exit? Someone at Honda clearly has, because it’s the guiding hand behind what it’s terming “i-ACC” – or intelligent, predictive cruise control.

Put simply, it will spot people cutting in on you before they’ve moved a muscle.

Sounds cunning!

With a traditional cruise control system, the ensuing panic from the above situation would be something for the driver to sort out. Modern adaptive cruise control systems will react, but with some pretty firm braking, leaving the driver to merely exercise their pantheon of expletives.

Honda’s new i-ACC – intelligent adaptive cruise control – uses cameras and radar to monitor the positions of vehicles around it, applying a driver behaviour routine developed on European roads to predict the likelihood of a last-second lunge. It’ll be able to spot a naughty motorist up to five seconds before they choose to dive-bomb you, applying a mild braking effect ahead of time so that the resulting reaction is not as firm nor uncomfortable for the occupants.

Even better news for UK drivers who make continental jaunts, the system will adapt to left-and right-side driving

The system will be making its way to Europe in 2015, initially on the Honda CR-V crossover like the one we reviewed in December.

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