Hyundai’s Next Generation i20 Unveiled

What am I looking at?

This is among the first images of the next generation of Hyundai’s supermini, the i20, shown ahead of a full unveiling at the Paris Motor Show in the autumn.

So what’s new?

Designed, like the more recent successes from Hyundai and sister brand Kia, entirely in Europe for European markets, it’s new from the ground up. There’s 45mm more chassis crammed between the wheels, which increases interior legroom – there’s now more space than the leading competitor, the Ford Fiesta – along with more space for luggage.

The exterior changes are rather more obvious, because Hyundai has updated the model’s looks to be more in line with its current designs. There’s also a panoramic sunroof option, which is unique in this sector of the car market.

2015 Hyundai i20

What powers it?

We’re a long way from a launch date for the Korean supermini, so engine details are not yet on the table. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to assume a small selection of low capacity petrol and diesel power units as you’ll find in the current range.

How much will it cost me?

Similarly, it’s going to be some months before prices and specification will be clear, but it’s replacing an existing model, so good bets should be on the same £10,000-£13,000 price bracket the current car finds itself in.

Anything else?

Hyundai is joining in the current vogue for LED lighting, with front and rear LED running lights, though the headlamp units themselves are regular projector units. There’s also an integrated rear view camera – though more specific trim information will be available nearer the time of the grand unveiling in October.

2015 Hyundai i20

Any alternatives?

In this sector, three of the biggest. The i20 will have to fight for market position with the Ford Fiesta, Vauxhall Corsa and Volkswagen Polo, amongst others.

In a line…

A smart-looking new generation, designed in and for Europe… it really looks like it could be another Hyundai success. Stay tuned for more information.

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