Hyundai Veloster Turbo On Sale Soon – Finally More Power!

Way back in the mid-90s the Hyundai Coupe was one of the first Hyundais to show just how serious the company was. With Coke-bottle curves and nimble handling it changed a lot of perceptions about the Korean marque.

Fast-forward to 2012 and the asymmetric Veloster is doing the same thing. With two doors on one side and one on tother, the unique styling may not be to all tastes – but you cant deny its striking.
From September 24th, a new turbocharged model is racing into showrooms, giving the Veloster some power to back up those looks.
With 184 bhp and maximum torque of 195 pounds-feet between 1,500rpm and 4,500rpm, a mere flex of the ankle should be all thats needed to sprint down the road. 8.4 seconds is all it takes to get to 62mph, and if you ignore PC Plod then itll reach 133mph at the top end, too. And these days, you cant even claim that your Hyundai isnt capable of it when youre hauled up in court
Despite the performance, you could see up to 40.9mpg combined, and the Turbo puts out a respectable 157g/km of CO2. That drops it into the 120-per-year VED band E.
Hyundai Veloster Turbo SE
To rein in some of that performance, Hyundai has fitted uprated dampers, and the styling gets a few tweaks to mark it out as the performance model of the range. In addition to 18-inch alloy wheels, the front bumper, radiator grille and fog lights are all-new, as are the twin exhausts at the rear and the now obligatory style-over-substance rear diffuser.
Perhaps most important of all, Hyundai has fitted a Turbo badge. And its red, which almost certainly makes it faster…
Like any Hyundai, the Veloster Turbo is covered by a five-year unlimited mileage warranty, five years free roadside assistance and five years vehicle health checks.
Available from: September 24th
Priced from: 21,995


With the coupe market returning to its heady days of the 90s, the new Veloster Turbo should prove an appealing product for customers considering VW Sciroccos, Vauxhall Astra GTCs or Renault Megane Coupes.
Whether the looks and the badge suit you is another matter, but we think that plenty of buyers will be taken in by the unique 2+1 door layout and sporty styling, and throwing in that 184bhp engine cant hurt its appeal
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