Vauxhall Insignia VXR Supersport Hits 170mph For Under £30k

What’s the fastest car you can buy for just 30,000 in the UK right now? Yes, it’s this 170mph, 325hp Vauxhall Insignia VXR SuperSport.

While it’s the unveiling of this halo model taking the headlines, the SuperSport exists to illustrate a number of design and chassis revisions implemented across the Insignia range in a recent facelift. Getting on for five years old now, the update is aimed at keeping the Insignia in the minds of private buyers in the face of strengthening competition elsewhere.

Still, the SuperSport is a good place to showcase these updates. The 325hp, 2.8 litre V6 provides sufficient impetus to highlight how revisions to the rear suspension (60% of the components have been changed), electronic stability software and Vauxhall’s FlexRide adaptive damper system cope under more extreme conditions.

With the Haldex four wheel drive system and limited slip differential, the manual-geared hatch version of the Insignia VXR SuperSport will crack 6 seconds on a 60mph sprint – the Sports Tourer is a couple of tenths behind – and carry on accelerating up to 170mph.

There’s also updates to the dash and instruments, with an 8 inch touchscreen incorporating a 3D satnav, Bluetooth-operated internet and DAB digital radio as standard – and despite the presence at this week’s Frankfurt motor show, the SuperSport is available to order now, starting at 29,749


Insignia has always been one of ‘those’ cars – you either have a lifelong attachment to Vauxhall (and the Insignia’s predecessor the Vectra) and it’s your first choice, or you don’t.

While the updates are aimed at keeping the Insignia fresh, how the car drove and how much speed the flagship could muster were never the problem. Tellingly, there are no numbers yet on fuel economy and VED banding, so we can reasonably conclude it’s not going to be so far away from the outgoing VXR’s 25mpg and 260g/km+ ratings, putting it at nearly 500 a year to tax.

Yes, it’s not possible to go faster for less in a standard UK car, but ultimately that’s a pretty meaningless stat – and not one that’s likely to drive non-habitual Insignia buyers into showrooms. The Insignia’s still going to have to fight for market share on its other strengths, while other manufacturers launch brand new cars in the sector…

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