Jaguar XKR-S GT – Jag’s Outlandish XK Gets Even Lairier!

Given the much-anticipated F-Type will go on sale very soon, youd think that Jaguar would put the bulk of its efforts behind promoting the new roadster, and marketing it as the most dynamically capable Jag to date.

But youd be wrong. Just when you thought the regular XKR-S couldnt get any more extreme, the Coventry-based car maker only goes and gives it the GT3 Clubsport makeover.

Officially christened the XKR-S GT, and built to celebrate 25 years of R Performance Jaguars, the GT version really does take the XKR-S to the nth degree.

Especially with regards to the track-inspired bodykit compared with the regular XKR-S, the GTs front bumper is smothered with canards and other aerodynamic components, whilst the rears been overhauled by a new diffuser design and an adjustable rear wing.

Whilst it certainly isnt subtle and, you could argue, spoils the lines of one of the prettiest GT cars of the 21st Century to date it does at least have a purpose: Jaguar claims a whopping 145kg of downforce is generated at the cars electronically limited top speed of 186mph.

To give the GT more of an edge over the regular XKR-S, Jaguars engineers have comprehensively overhauled the suspension, with new additions consisting over adjustable dampers, stiffer components and a 58mm wider front track over the XKR-S.

Jaguar XKR-S GT Rear

To top off the mechanical alterations, new 20inch forged alloy wheels are not only shrouded by wider Pirelli Corsa tyres, but also house behind their spokes carbon-ceramic brake discs; a first for a road-going Jaguar.

All these changes mean that, despite the XKR-S 550bhp supercharged V8, six-speed automatic transmission and electronic speed limiter being carried over, the GT should be considerably faster on the track.

After all, not only does Jaguar state the GT is three tenths faster to 62mph than the regular XKR-S (3.9 versus 4.2 seconds), but theres also suggestions that the GT is capable of a sub-7:40 lap time at the Nurburgring.

To put that into perspective, not only would that make the GT more than ten seconds faster than the regular XKR-S, but also puts this new leaner, meaner version deep into Ferrari 458 Italia and Porsche 911 Turbo territory.

If this all sounds too good to be true, thats because it sort of is: Jaguar will currently only be building 30 XKR-S GTs in left-hand drive for the USA and Canadian markets, with all bar five being destined for the United States.


Priced from: Approx. 130,000

Available from: Unless Jaguar changes its mind, only for the USA Canada


It is a shame that the XKR-S GT is set to remain an Export only kind of car. Whilst were certain the hot Jags customers will undoubtedly be very pleased with their purchase, its still a bit disappointing to hear the GT wont be sold on the other side of the pond.
That is, unless theres enough demand in Europe for production to restart according to reports by several motoring titles, Jaguar will at least consider building a few XKR-S GT variants in right-hand drive for us Brits if enough people would be willing to buy one.
So, long story short, if youve got 130,000 or so burning a hole in your pocket and youd very much like to buy an XKR-S GT, youd better start getting in touch with Jaguar and pester them into submission ask politely if theyd consider building a few more examples…