Kia Niro - Korea's Juke Competitor

It won't have escaped notice that the Nissan Juke is doing rather well for itself and stands all but unopposed in the compact crossover market. Until now at least.

While it may only be in a concept form ahead of next week's motor show, the Kia Niro is a Korean shot across the bows of the Juke's dominance.

The Niro has been designed by Kia's European design centre - responsible for the majority of current Kia designs under Peter Schreyer's capable pen - just down the road from the motor show in Frankfurt.

While it's not going to be pitched directly against the Juke - it's tabled as a future "B-segment" contender (sitting alongside or replacing the Soul in that sector) - there are inevitable comparisons to be drawn to the slightly larger Nissan. On looks alone the Niro scores points, whether you're a fan of the Juke's unconvential styling or not. The stainless steel roof certainly stands out.

Alongside the beefed-up stance, the Niro concept features butterfly doors to further delineate itself from the crossover crowd and, though details remain scarce ahead of the official unveiling on September 10th, Kia promises an "innovative new powertrain".


Kia has been on a bit of a roll in recent years and in the shape of the Niro it reveals the first serious attempt at the Juke's compact crossover crown.

It's unlikely we'll ever see the Niro in full production - it's a design concept made simply to estimate consumer desire - but we can't see a car like it doing anything other than selling like hot cakes. Even if it's only because it's a prettier alternative to the Juke...

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