Kia Soul Shaker - Latest ‘Soul Originals’ Edition Joins Kia’s Range

If regular trim levels arent for you, then perhaps Kias Soul Originals line will appeal.

The funky (or should that be soulful?) crossover now offers three fashion-themed special editions, named Inferno, Quantum, and Shaker. The latter has just been released, with a host of unique features not available on regular Soul models.
Soul Shaker might sound like a musical instrument, or perhaps something youd suffer in purgatory, but on the car it means Vanilla Shake paintwork (with Quartz Black an option), and 18-inch alloy wheels.
Inside, the most distinctive aspect is the Houndstooth pattern gracing the top of the premium cloth-upholstered seats. Other surfaces, such as the dashboard and door trims, are coloured beige for a classier appearance. The steering wheel and gearshift lever are trimmed in leather, and an electric tilt-and-slide sunroof sheds more light on the cars innards.
kia soul shaker
Equipment-wise, the Soul Shaker sits above the 13,600 (or 14,995 diesel) Soul 2 in the range - iPod and Bluetooth connectivity are standard (both of which are brilliantly easy to use, in our experience), as is air conditioning, LED daytime running lights, an auto-dimming rear-view mirror and a colour reversing camera. On diesel models, you also get cruise control.
As that implies, Kias 1.6 CRDi engine is one powertrain option, and the 1.6 GDi petrol is another. The former gets 57.6 mpg combined, the latter 44.1 mpg. Both are capable of 62 mph in around ten seconds, and the diesel is 35 a year cheaper to tax, at 100.
An automatic transmission is optional on the diesel car, dropping economy to 47.9 mpg, raising tax to 170 and adding a second to the benchmark sprint.
All Souls, and indeed all Kias, get the companys excellent seven-year warranty as standard.
Priced from: 15,295 (GDi), 16,690 (CRDi), 17,795 (CRDi auto)

On sale from: Now


We like the Kia Soul, as youll see from our review of another Soul Originals car, the Soul Inferno. While the dragon-clad, bright red Inferno will stand out a little more than the Shaker on the road, the Soul is still an attention-grabbing car, and a practical, useful one at that. The Shaker is a little cheaper than the Inferno too, though it does miss out on that cars leather seats. Still, its a worthy option if the thought of driving a regular supermini really doesnt appeal.
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