Lamborghini Huracan – Geneva Motor Show Gallery

The Gallardo sold more cars for Lamborghini than any other model in its history, so replacing it is no mean feat. That’s just what the Huracan has been built to do.

Aspects of the old car live on though. This is the same 5.2 litre V10 found in the Gallardo and Audi R8, though it’s a little spicier now. Producing 601hp (compared to the Gallardo’s best 562hp) and delivering it through the 4WD system, this initial “LP610-4″ model hits 60mph in 3.2s and runs on to 202mph.

The wedge profile is somewhat reminiscent of the old, but there’s another 60mm in the wheelbase along with an overall increase of 114mm. It sits at exactly the same height as its predecessor though, so there is an air of familiarity.

There’s an inch more in the width too, which allows the rear a more purposeful stance. It’s a cleaner look than the previous model, with the quad exhausts a standard feature from the start, either side of a significant diffuser.

Front and rear light clusters are exclusively LED units, both Y-shaped in form. With a colour temperature of 5500K, the headlamps closely mimic daylight for a more natural road illumination.

If you fancy a bit of nostalgia, the Huracan comes as standard with an engine cover composed of three hexagonal black slats intended to evoke memories of the Miura. There’s also the option to have a clear engine cover, with the bay clad in carbon fibre.

If all this yellow is a bit too much for you, there’s 17 colours of Huracan on offer, from the tasteful black and silver through to the eyewrenching orange and green – again reminiscent of the Miura.

The Huracan uses a hybrid aluminium/carbon tub that, at 200kg, is lighter than the all-aluminium affair in the Gallardo – but even with extensive use of carbon composites, it’ll tip the weighbridge at around 1,500kg.

With a new, 7 speed dual clutch transmission, variable dynamic steering system and magneto-rheological dampers that can precisely control body stabilisation, the Huracan should present a superior driving experience to the Gallardo – and we won’t have to wait long to find out. Huracans are already available to order, starting at 188,000, with deliveries starting in the spring.

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