Lamborghini four-door may go ahead

Lamborghini unveiled a concept for a stunning four-door car at the 2008 Paris motorshow. The concept, called the Estoque, was an exercise to test reactions for a four seat Lamborghini. The feedback was extremely positive. Autocar have just revealed that a four-door Lambo may soon go into production.

Currently Lamborghini only have one model in production, the Gallardo. Production for their more powerful car, the Murcielago, has just ended, with a replacement coming soon.

Lamborghini are known for creating outlandish supercars, but they have created a large car before. The Lamborghini LM 002 (pictured below) was a huge 4×4 that appalled many fans of the brand.

Lamborghini 4x4

Lamborghini had hinted that they may make another SUV, but the CEO has recently revealed that production of a sedan would be far more likely. The CEO of Lamborghini, the charismatic Stephan Winkelmann, told Autocar that the SUV is a no-go.

There have been quite a few sporty 4-door luxury cars launched in the last couple of years. If this car was put into production, then the Porsche Panamera and Aston Martin Rapide would both be direct competitors. The Rolls-Royce Ghost would also be a rival in terms of price, though the Lamborghini would likely have a greater focus on sportiness.

Estoque side

There is always the worry that a four-door would dilute the brands image. But Lamborghini dont do things half-heartedly. The aggressive design of the Estoque concept proves it would have all the passion and performance of its supercars.

Source: Autocar

Estoque back

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