Land Rover Defender LXV – Celebrating 65 Years of Solihull’s Finest

Amidst all the various other automotive birthdays this year the Porsche 911s and Lamborghinis 50th, the World Rally Championships 40th and countless others its perhaps easy to forget that Land Rovers got 65 candles to blow out in 2013.

So, to help celebrate this important milestone for the brand, a special edition car has been created as Land Rovers birthday present to itself: the Defender LXV.

Based on the closed-top Defender 90 model, and limited to a mere 65 units, the LXV boasts a few extra trinkets that the standard model goes without.

Land Rover Defender LXV side

For example, the bluff body panels are now adorned with LXV and monochrome Union Jack decals, whilst the Defenders cabin has now been given a dash of colour to liven things up inside, courtesy of the branded floor mats (no prizes for guessing what the logo on the carpets is...) and the contrasting black leather/orange stitching treatment on the seats, the steering wheel and the cubby space under the centre armrest.

The most obvious visual changes, though, are the ones to the Landies bodywork the Defender LXV will only be available in Santorini Black, with additional contrasting complements via the dark grey roof, front fascia, grille and headlamp surrounds.

Land Rover Defender LXV rear

Not that theyll be immediately noticeable, should owners use the LXV as its maker intended and get the car completely covered in mud and foliage...

To top it all off, the limited-run Defender gets special 16 inch Sawtooth alloy wheels, which we also imagine will look pretty dandy with bits of dirt dangling from the spokes and the wheel nuts.

Under the skin, its traditionally rugged, old school Land Rover fare, with the LXV coming with all the solid hardware thats enticed over 2 million (presumably very happy) off-roaders and advocates of green laning since the Defender name was born in 1983.

Land Rover Defender LXV wheel

The LXV edition also comes equipped with the firms 122hp, 28mpg 2.2 four-cylinder diesel engine, with all the might of that oil burning motor being sent through the permanent all-wheel drive system via a six-speed manual transmission.

Priced from: 28,765
Available from: N/A (Presumably sometime this year)

Land Rover Defender LXV interior


As charming and as interesting the Defender LXV is, the pricing for this limited-run model is perhaps the biggest bugbear to overcome, considering the standard Defender 90 on which its based is priced from (at time of writing) 22,355.

And, if were honest, a premium of 6,410 is a bit steep for the privilege of the LVXs only major addition to the Defender package: the full-leather interior (in comparison, buyers of the standard model get to choose between vinyl and cloth seats in their car).

Especially when the boggo Defender itself isnt exactly what youd call a bargain, as well as the fact Land Rover has neither confirmed nor denied the ability for buyers to adorn the LVX with optional extras and additional trim packages.

Land Rover Defender LXV badging

Then again, the people who acquire Defenders do so because they love the things in spite of their flaws and crude simplicity when it comes to creature comforts, and were tempted to say at least most of the worlds car enthusiasts have a soft spot for the old timer.

So, as a result, we expect the 65 owners wholl opt for an LVX will be pretty satisfied overall with the special edition Land Rover.

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