Land Rover: Now With Added Invisibility

Sounding for all the world like a late April Fool joke, Land Rover has unveiled a startling new technology to further take the hassle out of off-roading – dubbed ‘Transparent Bonnet’.

Using a combination of cameras mounted in the front grille and the vehicle Head-Up Display, Jaguar Land Rover has been able to recreate the road directly ahead of the car that would otherwise be obscured by the front of the vehicle. Seemingly overlaid on the bonnet, this gives the driver information on obstacles that previously may have been hidden and take a little bit more guesswork out of green-laning.

Visitors to the New York International Auto Show this week will be able to see the tech in action on Land Rover’s Discovery Vision Concept car, due for its worldwide premiere. While some way short of James Bond’s invisible Aston Martin, it’s nevertheless something we could be seeing on the next generation of Land Rover’s offroaders.

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