Looking Back On The Mighty Lexus LFA

If youre an EU resident whos interested in buying a brand new Lexus LFA, were afraid to report that your time is up after a two-year, 500 unit strong production run, the last of the forty LFAs that were destined for Europe has moved into its new home in Switzerland.

With the ten-year long, topsy-turvy From Concept to Carbon-Fibre Reality tale of Lexus first stab at a supercar coming to an end, we decided to look back on the long life of the LFA, and pick out the key features and milestones in its history that made the Lexus truly special amongst its peers.

The Carbon-Fibre was ACTUALLY woven

Fun fact for yall: though Toyota – the parent company of Lexus – is most famous for making cars, it actually has its origins in the fabric weaving industry, having developed loom machines in the late 1920s.

Lexus LFA front

As a result, it seemed appropriate from a heritage perspective that the perceived best way to make the LFAs A-Pillar as structurally sound as possible was to weave it out of carbon-fibre using a specially commissioned loom.

Whilst it might not have been the most cost-effective way of fabricating such a crucial part of the cars structure, in a world where automated machines play a major part in even the construction of Ferraris, its refreshing to hear of a car maker using a notably different production method, especially with a very hi-tech material such as carbon-fibre.

And, as youll see from the video below, its mesmerisingly beautiful when in action…

The Engine

There are several stand-out elements of the LFAs drivetrain (well, except perhaps the clunky single-clutch paddleshift box…), but the component that will perhaps be revered in years to come as one of the marvels of the automotive world is the engine.

Inspired by the V10s that powered the Toyota F1 cars at the time the LFA concept car made its public debut over eight years ago, the 4.8 550hp unit is perhaps nothing short of an engineering masterpiece.

Sure, its not exactly bristling with torque, but when it redlines at 9,000rpm, and the cacophonic V10 wail increases in its sheer ferocity as the needle on the TFT display rises, its a compromise we reckon is certainly justified…

Lexus LFA dials

The LFA Nrburging Edition Hiromu Naruses Lasting Legacy

On the 23rd June 2010, the world sadly had to come to terms with the fact Lexus chief test driver, Hiromu Naruse, had sadly passed away at the age of 66, after a fatal crash in an LFA Nrburgring Edition prototype.

It would have been very easy for Lexus to cancel the Nrburgring Edition project in the aftermath of the tragedy, but the development of the special edition LFA wasnt halted. And thankfully so, given its seen by many to be one of the finest supercars in existence.

Lexus LFA Nurburgring

With an extra 10hp, more downforce, 100kg less weight to lug around and grippier rubber over the standard 560hp, 1,480kg LFA, the Nrburgring Edition proved its might on the race track. In fact, with a 7:14 lap time at the Nordschliefe, its officially the fastest car ever to post an official time on non-racing compound tyres.

With that accolade to call upon, were certain that, wherever Naruse-san is, hes mightily pleased with the LFA Nrburgring Editions statistical status as one of the top road/track cars on the planet.