Five rumours about the new MG6

MG has revealed a tiny snapshot of the replacement for the MG6 saloon. The shot, a close-up of the car’s headlight, shows very little other than the newly designed headlight unit and updated bodywork surrounding it. With details scarce on the ground we’ve pulled together five rumours about the 6’s upcoming replacement.

1. It has more six appeal

The outgoing MG6 wasn’t the most attractive car in its segment but it was never terribly offensive. The replacement, according to MG, will have “comprehensive” updates to its styling to keep up with slick looking rivals like the Vauxhall Insignia or the Mazda 6. The image from MG doesn’t tell us much about the new car’s styling but, judging by how much more intricate the headlight design is, we hope to be pleasantly surprised when we see the car in the metal.

The old 6 (above) was quite far from the most efficient car in its class

2. MG6 covers more MPGs

One of the things critics really disliked about the outgoing MG6 was its antiquated diesel engine and it’s bad news – they’re keeping the same unit. They’re promising it’s been redeveloped for better fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions but, based on the reviews of the old unit, they’d have been better off just throwing it away and starting again from scratch. Nevertheless, the 1.9-litre unit should be powerful enough to keep the 6 moving.

The infotainment unit in the outgoing MG6 was criticised by reviewers

3. Intelligent infotainment

Another problem with the previous car was the infotainment system – critics thought it was too complex to use and felt poorly programmed. For the new model, MG says it’s solved that and the new system will be one of the best systems in its class. MG has complemented the system with a ‘state-of-the-art’ navigation unit – we’ll need to get our hands on it to decide if the brand has cracked it or not.

The original MG6 was praised for its direct and competent handling

4. Can you handle it?

This was one of the few things some critics praised on the 6 – it was pretty composed on the road. In fact, it was awarded Auto Express’ Driver Power Best Handling car of 2014 so, if there’s one thing MG mustn’t get wrong, it’s the way the car handles. We expect it to have good body control, steering that feels quick and direct and a ride that rounds out the worst bumps and keeps the car level in corners.

Both new and old MG6s go through final assembly at Longbridge, Birmingham

5. It’s (sort of) made in the UK

Anyone over a certain age will remember that MG and Rover’s historic manufacturing base is in Longbridge, Birmingham and many lamented the closing of this historic site. Most new MG components are made in China by parent company, SAIC Motor, but shipped over to the UK for final assembly in Longbridge. MG might not match UK manufacturing titans such as Nissan, Jaguar-Land Rover and Toyota but it’s better than nothing.


We’ll have to wait until MG releases more details of the upcoming 6 before confirming or busting any of these rumours but, before then, take a look at our review of the current MG6. Then head over to our car deals page for our latest discounts or our car configurator to see how much you could save on your next car.

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