Maserati’s SUV – The Kubang

Maserati have unveiled its long awaited SUV, theKapowKubang. We take a look at the photos, details released and give our opinion on it.
Maserati are calling this a concept, but based on the partnerships theyve developed and the close to production ready model shown at the Frankfurt Motor Show, its quite clear this will go into production soon.
Maserati SUV rear
The Kubang will be based on the Jeep Grand Cherokee platform, which isnt a great start, given the Grand Cherokee isnt exactly know for being good to drive. Maserati say that they are aiming to make the Kubang offer an uplifting driving pleasure and the suspension and steering will be developed in-house, so perhaps they will be able to match the fun of the new Cayenne.
Maserati SUV Kubang
The engine, brakes and 8-speed automatic gearbox will also be built by Maserati.
No details yet have been released on the power, performance or price.


It looks a lot like an Infiniti EX, both from the front and the back. From the photos it also doesnt seem to have the same road presence as the Cayenne.
It was never going to be a beauty, and its a hell of a lot better than the fake leaked photos that circulated. Its sure to be a big seller for Maserati, so hopefully theyll be able to fund more interesting models, like the MC Stradale.
As for the name, it sounds like it came straight out a comic book, so we kinda like it!
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