Mazda Offers New Venture Range-Toppers

What am I looking at?

A new “top” specification trim level for the Mazda 5, dubbed “Sport Venture”. It’s one of six such cars unveiled by Mazda to freshen up some of their older models as replacements hove into view.

What’s new?

Nothing specific – it’s just a minor box tick to make these models a little more enticing. All of the cars get additional exclusive paint options and new kit like leather and navigation systems to woo buyers. Each has silver door mirrors to set them apart from the range too.

The MX-525 years old now and due a new generation this year – accounts for three of the Sport Venture models, one for each of its available engine/body combinations. This means you can specify either the 1.8 litre (126hp) convertible or the Roadster coupe with 1.8 or 2.0 litre (160hp) engines. They come with stone leather sports heated seats and an integrated 6.1 inch Mazda navigation system.

Like the MX-5, the Mazda 5 can also be specified in Sport Venture guise for each of its engines, with both the 2.0 petrol (150hp) and 1.6 litre diesel (115hp) available. Those silver door mirrors are heated and power folding units on the 5, which also comes with a black front grille and black leather seat trim with contrasting grey stitching. The exclusive paint colours are, however, a 500 option.

We briefly covered the Mazda 2 Sport Venture last week, but it comes with thirteen additional items from the options menu atop the 1.3 Tamura specification including front fog lights, automatic headlights and wipers and rear parking sensors. It doesn’t quite qualify for leather trim, but does come with black cloth with contrasting grey stitching and the paint options are, as with the 5, optional extras.

How much will they cost me?

The cheapest Sport Venture model is the Mazda 2 at 13,395 – 1,100 more than the next model down.

For the MX-5 Sport Venture you’ll need to shell out an extra 500 for the convertible at 18,995, while the Roadster coupes are marginally cheaper than equivalent models at 20,795 and 22,595 for the 1.8 and 2.0 respectively.

The new specification will cost you just 300-400 on the Mazda 5 at 20,295 for the petrol and 21,695 for the diesel. All models retain the same economy and performance numbers as their brethren.

Anything else?

It’s little coincidence that these three nameplates are getting a lick of polish – they’re the oldest models Mazda currently offers as it replaces its range with more efficient and better driving SkyActiv cars.

The Mazda 2 is scheduled for replacement this year, as is the MX-5 in a platform share with the upcoming Alfa Romeo Spider. The Mazda 5 is based on the previous generation Mazda 3, already replaced this year, and can’t be long for this world as a result.

Still, they represent pretty good value for money as deserved last hurrahs for their platforms.

In a line…

A coat of paint for older models – but a pretty good one.

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