McLaren Celebrates 50th Anniversary… With Nip ‘n’ Tuck Tweaks To A Limited-Run 12C Range?

Though the McLaren road car division in its current incarnation has only been going for less than a decade, the company and the brand as a whole is celebrating its 50th birthday this year.

To mark the occasion, McLarens got quite a few things in store, with the highlight so far seemingly being half a centurys worth of (mostly bright orange or polished silver) road and racing cars at this years Goodwood Festival of Speed.

Not wanting to be left out of the shindig, McLaren Automotive has joined the party, in the only way a modern supercar maker can: by launching a limited-run range of its already pretty bespoke midengined offerings.

In McLarens case, this means 100 units of specially-modified McLaren 50 12C models, with production split evenly between the standard closed-top 12C and the 12C Spider.

McLaren 50 12C vent

In order to differentiate the McLaren 50 versions from their regular counterparts, the McLaren Special Operations (MSO) division has assisted by brandishing the limited-run models with an array of cosmetic upgrades.

Which, if youre a fan of bare carbon fibre, youll be pretty pleased with: the alterations include new carbon surrounds for the air intakes in the front bumper, carbon turning vanes in the side air intakes and an F1-esque carbon Kevlar construction is used in the front floor of the aforementioned bumper.

As for the choice of paint, your options are fairly limited: if youve always wanted your 12C to be in Supernova Silver, Carbon Black or brazen McLaren Orange, then youre well catered for.

If not, youll just have to buy a regular 12C and see if the MSO will be willing to put the McLaren 50 bits onto your car (at a fee, of course)…

McLaren 50 12C angle

Inside, customers get to experience the 12Cs famously minimalist, driver-centric cabin trimmed in the standard cars optional full leather package, along with subtle branding on the door sills and the obligatory commemorative plaque on the drivers door.

Topping it all off are standard-fit carbon-ceramic disc brakes, shrouded behind the spokes of unique satin-finished alloy wheels which, McLaren claims, shave 2kg from the 12Cs curb weight.

Oh, and McLaren 50 12C owners also get a limited-edition key. As if being in possession of the keys for a McLaren wasnt special enough as they were…

Priced from: 196,000 (12C), 215,500 (12C Spider)

Available: Now

McLaren 50 12C detail


You dont have to be a genius to realise that, as nice as all the upgrades are, they perhaps arent really necessary to spice up what is already a very desirable and prestigious car.

After all, the only big changes are the tweaked front bumper and the new, lightweight wheel designs. Other than that, you could specify everything else on a boggo 12C!*

Still, were sure the lucky buyers who can afford one will be pleased that their already very special supercar is that little bit more unique in the world. Which, for some people, is something you cant really put a price on…

(*And we do apologise for describing the McLaren 12C as being boggo. We promise we wont refer to the baby McLaren in that way again)

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