McLaren MS0 12C Concept - Simply Stunning

McLaren MS0 12C Concept Side

What is it?

A one-off showcase of all of the officially endorsed available-to-order bits on the 12C, courtesy of the McLaren Special Operations division.

McLaren MS0 12C Concept Side On

Anything new?

Not much from a tech perspective. Given no spec sheets were mentioned in the official statement, it's safe to assume this is identical under the skin to about every blisteringly-fast bone stock 12C.

Mclaren MSO Rear Closeup

What makes the MSO Concept special, though, is that it's a platform built specifically to show-off all the various ways McLaren's Q Branch can customise your baby Macca to your liking.

Such as?

Most of the work done on the 12C Coupe you see in these pictures slots neatly in the 'revised bodywork' category, which range from minor tweaks such as titanium fuel filler caps to full-on aesthetic revisions like redesigned front bumpers and fenders, and a nod to the F1 and P1 supercars in the form of a roof-mounted 'snorkel' air intake in bare carbon fibre.

McLaren MSO Details

MSO's also done a fair bit of work on the interior too. Again, the alterations on offer here range from the minor - body colour-painted carbon trim pieces, for example - to more noteworthy changes like a subtly revised instrument cluster, complete with an integrated set of track-inspired gear shift lights.

The eagle eyed amongst you who are familiar with the Special Operation's prior efforts at customising 12Cs will also notice the never-before-seen, diamond-cut wheel design on the pictured 12C Concept.

How much does it all cost?

Mclaren MSO Interior

Whilst the MSO Concept isn't officially up for sale, it is actually possible to spec your own 12C when you place the order down.

The thing is, even then, we still don't know how much it'd end up costing you beyond the stock car's 170,000 asking price. A combination of McLaren Automotive's refusal to publicly reveal more specific pricing details, and the limit to how far the 12C can be customised being the size of the cheque made payable to the McLaren Technology Centre, means we'll most likely never know for certain how many pennies we'd need to build our own MSO 12 Concept.

Mclaren MSO Dials

Anything else?

If MSO's 12C Concept is still too similar to the standard car for your liking and you've got a huge stash of dosh ready to spend on a truly one-off car, you can even commission the McLaren Special Operations to build you your very own, bespoke supercar to your exact design requirements. After all, that's how last year's show-stopping BMW X1 came to fruition...

Mclaren MSO

In a line

Way more unique, interesting and exciting to look at than a 'Parts Options List' in the back of a sales brochure.

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