Coupe-Cabriolet Joins Renault’s Facelift Megane Range

What am I looking at?

Joining the facelifted hatchback, coupe and tourer models of Megane, this is the updated Coupe-Cabriolet with a folding metal and glass roof.

What’s new?

The whole range has had a midlife nip-and-tuck to fit in with the new corporate face of Renault, already seen on the Clio and Captur models.

Mechanically there’s not really that much difference from the old car, though Renault has taken the opportunity to jiggle powertrain options and specifications to freshen the range as well as the image.

What powers it?

Although specific engines haven’t yet been announced for the CC model, the Megane range as a whole has been simplified to a selection of five engines, branded Energy to tie-in with Renault’s 2014 Formula 1 efforts.

The pre-facelift model utilised a 130hp 1.2 litre petrol engine, a 110hp 1.5 litre diesel engine and a 130hp 1.6 litre diesel and these all persist in the range. All will be available with stop start technology, while the petrol and 110hp diesel are available with an EDC dual clutch gearbox.

How much will it cost me?

It’s likely that the Megane CC will cost almost exactly the same as it did before the facelift – starting at just over 23,000 – though full specifications and pricings for the UK aren’t available just yet. Renault has cut prices for the rest of the range on the diesel models, so you can expect a modest saving if you go for these cars.

Any alternatives?

There was something of a coupe-cabriolet explosion a decade ago and while some marques have been retired from the sector since there’s still plenty of choice.

At the premium end of the market is the Volkswagen Eos, while down in the cheaper seats it’s still possible to buy CC versions of Peugeot’s old 207 and 308 – replacements for these haven’t been mooted yet. The lateral-thinker’s bet would be the Mazda MX-5 which can be specified as a coupe-cabriolet – though you’d lose the occasional rear seats the other models have.

Anything else?

All new Megane CCs will come with Renault’s R-Link infotainment system as standard – think of it as an in-car smartphone with its own apps and a pretty hefty seven inch display screen.

In a line?

A Megane with the chic turned up to eleven.

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