Mercedes C63 AMG Black Series – A confusing mix

Mercedes have just unveiled the C63 AMG Coupe Black Series. The stats are impressive and it looks fantastic but were unsure as to what exactly its trying to be.

The C63 Black Series is based on the excellent C63 AMG Coupe, which is itself getting fantastic reviews. This is the fourth Black Series Mercedes have made and its the fastest C-Class ever.

The engine is likely to be the highlight of this car, its a 6.3 litre V8 producing 517hp. Many of engine parts are directly lifted out of the new Mercedes SLS AMG. The C63 Black Series will hit 60 in 4.2 seconds and will be likely limited to the usual 155mph.

C63 AMG Black Series rear

AMG have put their hand to the suspension, brakes and steering. The set-up is customisable, with the AMG coil-over suspension allowing the driver to tweak the settings. It comes with a 7-speed speedshift automatic gearbox, which includes a Race Start setting.

The styling tweaks over the C63 Coupe include huge front bumper grilles, two large openings in the bonnet and a rear splitter. The front and rear wings are wider and as usual it comes with special edition AMG wheels.

C63 AMG Black Series interior

Inside there are two gorgeous looking bucket seats which are clad in a new type of material called DINAMICA micro-fibre. Its a two seater as standard, but two extra seats in the back are an optional extra.

Two options packages will be available. The AMG Track Package has upgraded tyres, lighter wheels and rear-axle cooling. The AMG Aerodynamics Package has extra tiny body parts called flics that improve the overall balance of the car, an adjustable rear spoiler and tuned front splitter.

No word on pricing yet, though we’d estimate it will cost around 100,000. First deliveries will be in 2012.

C63 Black Series in red


Were slightly confused as to what the C63 Black Series is. Its clearly been set-up for track use and has a lot of features found on that type of car, such as the customisable suspension settings, but its not an all-out track special as it still has interior luxuries like 8 speaker sound-system, air-con and cruise-control.

Theres no doubt the limited production run will sell out very quickly, but well be interested to see what the reviews make of it…

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