Mercedes C63 Black Series Roars into Mercedes-Benz World

The Mercedes-Benz World in Surrey is, in the grand scheme of things, quite a unique thing to behold. Not only is it one of the very few places in the world where you can sip coffee in the same vicinity as a pristine 300SL Gullwing and is only a stones throw away from the Brooklands Museum, but the facility also offers plenty of impressive driving experience packages.

The different cars at M-B World cater to all ages under-17s can have a pre-driving test experience behind the wheel with a short blast in an A-Class, right up to mentored hot-lap sessions in some of the firms most extreme AMG products.
One such new addition to the plentiful Driving Experience range is the highly acclaimed is the highly acclaimed C63 Black Series. And to celebrate this fact, Mercedes-Benz is offering a special discount for the first few months its in service.
Even when reduced, the fee of 250 may be a bit steep, but it certainly does buy you a very appealing present. Not only will it be 100 quid more expensive once the offer ends at the end of September (so theres an incentive to sign up sooner rather than later if youre interested!), but you also get the spend an hour in AMG machinery, with the second half being dedicated to time behind the wheel of the C63 Black.
Mercedes Driving World
To make sure you maximise the most out of your time behind what is undoubtedly a very rare and extreme car, one of M-B Worlds highly trained instructors will be riding shotgun, guiding you around the track and helping you tame the 6.2 V8s monstrous power output.
If youre in the position to take a C63 Black for a spin at Brooklands, wed urge you to take it on. Not only is it a hugely appealing prospect, but its also one of the only places where you can experience such a machine – only 66 will be coming to the UK, after all so thisll be one of the cheapest ways for most people (and the only way for others) to test one of these phenomenal machines. Even if the instructor wont let you tamper with the ESP settings
If you want to buy a Black Series Experience for either yourself or a cherished friend or family member, be quick! As we mentioned earlier, youve only got until the 30th September to drive a C63 Black Series around Mercedes-Benz Worlds tight and technical tracks at this discounted price!
Check out this awesome video to get a taste of what it will be like: