Mercedes-Maybach revealed at LA Auto Show

A little over two years ago, Daimler dropped the ultra luxurious Maybach range due to poor sales.

Now the badge makes a return, but this time on the back of a plush Mercedes, as opposed to as a standalone brand. The new Mercedes-Maybach sits on an extra long wheelbase version of a regular Mercedes S-Class‘ platform, with numerous extra fancy bits to set it apart.

What is it?

From the outside, it looks much like a stretched S-class, because it is. Overall length is 207mm longer than the standard long-wheelbase S-Class. The front is largely the same, save for a slightly reworked grille, and similar “blink and you’ll miss them” tweaks, while new 20-inch alloy wheels feature “large surfaces” rather than delicate spokes to separate the Maybach from the less lavish models.

Double ‘M’ Maybach logos adorn the rear pillars, and the rear doors have a more vertical cut off point on the back edge, meaning that the rear seats are located behind the door cut out – allowing a greater feeling of privacy for the passengers.

So I’m guessing it’s pretty plush inside…

Nearly all of the extra length has manifested itself as extra legroom for rear-seat passengers. The two lucky enough to find themselves in the back seats will also find business class reclining chairs, and more quilted leather than you can shake a silver-plated champagne flute at (they’re optional extras – really).

The two chairs are separated by continuous centre console which runs right through the centre of the cabin. Ambient lighting which can glow a variety of shades can also be fiddled with to suit any mood.

An optional air balance package which comes equipped with special air filtering and even special fragrances, so the cabin will always smell fresh, no matter how sweaty that meeting left you feeling. A Burmester 3D surround sound system comprises 24 speakers and pumps out a whopping 1,540 watts of power, and the tweeters (high-frequency speakers) in the door rotate to face the passengers when the system is turned on.

A huge panoramic sliding sunroof takes up the space in the roof which isn’t trimmed in leather, and it is made from special privacy glass which can be switched from dark to light at the touch of a button. The cabin itself is promised to be even quieter than that of the S-Class coupe, which Mercedes already claims is the quietest car in the world.

What powers it?

There will be two Maybachs available. The first features a 455hp V8 and will be known as the Mercedes-Maybach S500, while the top-of-the-range model is the Mercedes-Maybach S600. This 6.00-litre V12 biturbo engine produces 530hp and 612lb ft of torque, and a 0-60 time of five seconds is more than enough to ruffle any CEO’s copy of the Financial Times.

The S500 produces a slightly more modest 455hp and 516lb ft, and is even capable of returning a claimed 31.7mpg, thanks in part to a super-slippery aerodynamic body shape.

How much will it cost?

Prices have yet to be revealed, but will cost comfortably more than the £140,000 of the current top spec S-Class. So, if you have to ask… just expense it.

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