New Mini five-door hatch UK prices announced

What am I looking at?
The new five door version of the third generation Mini hatchback.

You heard us right, this is the first ever Mini hatchback that has been offered in this format, and it aims to add a little extra practicality to the range. Who knows what took so long?

What’s new?
Maths fans will confirm the most obvious change to the Mini; the addition of an extra door attached to each side (not just one side as in the previous-gen Mini Clubman).

Based largely on the current three-door, an extra 161mm has been added to the overall length, and 11mm to the height. Of that increase in length, 72mm has been eeked out between the wheelbase to accomodate both the new doors and the rear seat passengers that they aim to ease access for. Boot space has increased marginally, too: a 67-litre growth takes the total volume up to 278. At least it didn’t shrink…

Aside from the slightly more accommodating rear seats, everything is largely the same as the three door inside, which means the same well-built and uniquely designed dash.

What powers it?
The five door Mini introduces a new engine to the range: The 2.0-litre turbo diesel unit which powers the Cooper SD. Producing 170hp and 266lb-ft – that’s almost 60lb-ft more than the petrol-powered Cooper S – it powers from 0-60mph in 7.4 seconds (7.3 for the automatic), whilst still managing nearly 69mpg on the combined cycle.

Beyond that, the engines – and their respective performance and fuel consumption figures – remain pretty much the same to the three door match. That means a choice of a three cylinder 102hp 1.2 petrol or 95hp 1.5 diesel in the One, a 1.5 petrol or diesel (136 and 116hp) in the Cooper, and the 192hp 2.0-litre turbo in the Cooper S.

Anything else?
The five door Mini is well equipped as standard, featuring front and rear electric windows, electric mirrors, DAB digital radio, and Isofix child seat mountings all as standard. There are also safety options including radar-guided cruise control, and the MINI Head-Up-Display (which looks kinda cool, too.)

How much will it cost me?
Prices for the five door appear to be very reasonable, carrying just a £600 premium over the respective three door models. On-the-road prices range from £14,350 for the One up to £20,050 for the Cooper SD.

Beyond that, there is still the option of a seemingly infinite range of customisation options that Minis offer, which can help make your car unique, but at an added cost. The five-door mini will go on sale from 25 October 2014.

Any alternatives?

The biggest competitor for the Mini is still the class-leading Ford Fiesta; it is practical, brilliant to drive and great value. However, the Fiesta can’t compete with the Mini’s perceived style and quality, which for many are deal breaking attributes.

In a line…  Added practicality to an already popular Mini range.

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