2014 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X FQ440 - Details & Prices

Just last week, the 90s rally legend that is the Subaru Impreza was confirmed for a UK market return. Now its biggest rival is making a similar comeback.

Canned for 2013, the world thought that the Lancer Evolution was gone for good, but to celebrate 40 years of Mitsubishi's presence in the UK market, the company is allowing a limited run of 40 Lancer Evolution X FQ-440s to go on sale later in the year.

Still powered by a two litre, turbocharged four cylinder, the FQ-440 turns the wick up to new levels of insanity with 440hp and 412lbfft. Driving all four wheels through a 6 speed twin clutch transmission and Mitsubishi's "Super-All Wheel Control" system, performance figures should be suitably potty - figure on a sub-4s 0-60mph time and a 155mph limited top speed.

However, using that performance may require some prudence - the fitment of a 'black box' that records, amongst other things, driving style, location and performance and reports the data to Mitsubishi's UK arm is a condition of your vehicle warranty (and included in the price).

Priced at 50,000 and only available in white, it's sure to be a fitting send off for the Evolution name.

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