Rough Shogun's Price Tumbles

Mitsubishi's Shogun is one of the more familiar off-roaders on the motoring landscape, having roamed farms and clogged city centres for more than two decades.

The inexorable rise of road-biased 4x4s has seen the Shogun add equipment and comfort - and cost - to compete, but it's still distinctly at the rough'n'tumble end of the spectrum.

And now, it's just become a lot more affordable. Buoyed by a 41 percent rise in sale this year, Mitsubishi Motors UK aims to keep that momentum going and prices for the good old Shogun are dropping by up to 5,000.

To benefit from this largest of price drops you'll be looking at the long-wheelbase SG3 and SG4 models, but that's no hardship. The former has dropped from 38,799 to 33,799, and the latter from 41,799 to 36,799 - less than the old prices for the SG2 auto and SG3 respectively.

It's enough to alter the perspective of our Shogun SG4 review, that's for sure - with 5,000 off list, the Shogun now looks like a real bargain next to rivals, and means you can get a top-spec Shogun for less than the cost of a poverty-specLand Rover Discovery 4. Lack of prestige or not, that has to be tempting for some buyers.

Even the entry-level Shoguns benefit from the new range of discounts, with 3,900 off the cost of a short-wheelbase SG2 manual dropping prices to just 26,199.

All Shoguns get the same 3.2-litre DI-DC, 197-horsepower turbocharged diesel engine, capable of between 33.2 and 36.2 mpg depending on wheelbase and transmission.

Tax is band K for all, with a yearly bill of 280. A little steep perhaps, but you'll probably find the funds somewhere in that discount...

Priced from: 26,199
Available from: Now


As an old-school, slightly agricultural 4x4, the Shogun remains an aquired taste for many SUV buyers weaned onto more sophisticated offerings. But for those that really need the extra off-road ability or the Shogun's hefty 3.5-tonne towing capacity, the latest range of discounts will make it a better buy than ever.

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