New Porsche 911 – What’s different?

The all new Porsche 911 has just been launched. We take a look at whats changed and compare side-by-side shots of the new 911 with the old 911 (997).

We also compare how the styling, interior, engines and mechanicals have been improved.

On the outside


Everyone knows the old joke that all 911s look the same. Well its a similar story this time too. Put this new 911 next to a 997 911 (the previous model) and most people would struggle to spot the immediate differences.

New 911 Carrera S


997 Carrera S

Previous 911 Carrera S


The key points on the outside are that its now lower and wider (by 100mm). Porsche says this gives it a sporty, more aggressive style. At the front the headlights are more upright, with slightly wrap-round lights below, which incorporate the indicators and daytime running lights. The door mirrors are now attached to the body, rather than to the front windows like before.

In profile view the iconic silhouette is still the same, though the new 911 does sit slightly lower. There will also be the option of up to 20 inch wheels.

New 911 Carrera S rear

New 911 Carrera S

Previous 911 Carrera S


Round the back there are some more subtle differences. The word Porsche is now spelt out across the back. The rear lights are sleeker and much smaller in height. The boot lid now follows a continuous straight line across the back, where previously it dipped below, its also substantially wider. Whether this will open up to show a nicer view of the engine remains unkown.

On the inside


Inside there are more significant changes. The interior now closely resembles that in the Panamera and Cayenne, with a large centre console that houses the gearstick and lots of the switches. Porsche say this will make the driver more closely integrated with the cockpit.

New 911 Carrera S interior

New 911 Carrera S interior


997 Carrera Interior

Previous 911 interior


The traditional 5-dial display remains, though the shots of the new 911 show the rev-counter in grey. Theres also a display screen within one of the dials, again like the Panamera, which will likely show the sat-nav map as well as the sound system information.

Under the bonnet


The Carrera will get a 3.4 litre engine (previously a 3.6 litre) delivering 350hp. Giving it a 0-60 time of 4.6 seconds (with the PDK gearbox), which is 0.1 seconds quicker than before.

The Carrera S will get a 3.8 litre engine (the same as used previously) with 400hp. 0-60 comes in 4.3 seconds (with the PDK gearbox), 0.2 seconds quicker than before.

The 911 will be offered with a choice of two gearboxes. A seven-speed manual, or the excellent PDK automatic, which features a coasting function that decouples the engine when the throttle is shut.

All versions will get stop/start, which helps towards increased efficiency. Fuel economy for the Carrera PDK will be 34.4 mpg (previously 29.4mpg), and for the Carrera S will be 32.5 mpg, which is a 5mpg improvement.

CO2 emissions have also dropped, meaning vehicle tax will be cheaper. For the Carrera its 194g/km and for the S its 205 g/km.

New 911 Carrera red

Under the skin

The new 911 features a lightweight body made up of an aluminum-steel composite. This leads to a reduction of up to 45kg, a significant weight saving. The new styling also leads to reduced drag and a wider rear spoiler will reduce the lift.

The chassis has of-course been reexamined. A wider front track, new rear axle and electro-mechanical steering should all lead to better handling.


The new 911 Carrera will start at 71,449, compared to 67,270 for the 997 Carrera. The Carrera S will start at 81,242, compared to 76,172 for the 997 Carrera S.

Standard equipment will include leather interior, sports seats, climate control, Xenon headlights, sat-nav, MP3 connection, Porsche tracker system and PSM (Porsche Stability Management). Very similar standard kit to the old Carrera.

The Carrera S will then additionally get 20 inch wheels, PASM and Porsche Torque Vectoring with limited slip differential.

New 911 Carrera side



No real surprises on the styling front here, no one expected it to be radically different. The interior changes will address one of the biggest complaints about the previous 911 and should lead to a more comfortable and ergonomic cabin.

Power is up and the handling should be even better, which is what the 911 is all about. We look forward to seeing what the experts make of it, particularly what they think of the electro-mechanical steering, which is slightly controversial.

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