New BMW 6-Series Coupe Unveiled

Weve already seen that the new 6-Series Convertible reviews have been encouraging (buzzScore 7.8), the journalists report that its much better to drive than the old one. Its a given that this coupe version will be even more fun behind the wheel than its convertible counterpart.

Although the new 6-Series doesn’t look a lot different to its replacement, its a completely new car, not just a facelifted version. This new model is 75mm longer, which means more interior space and a bigger boot. Its also wider and lower in height, giving it a more sporty and aggressive appearance.

New 6-Series rear

From launch there will be a choice of two engines, the 4.4 V8 407bhp 650i and 3.0 six-cylinder 320bhp 640i, both will come with a 8-speed automatic gearbox.

New 6-Series side

The 650i will be the most powerful engine until the M6 comes out. 0-60 is achieved in just 4.9 seconds, and mpg is a relatively impressive 27.2 mpg. The 640i will hit 60 in 5.4 seconds and offers a slightly more respectable 36.7 mpg.

2011 6-Series interior

Theres a whole host of gadgets to choose from, including head-up display, night vision, rear-view camera, surround view and parking assist.

New 6-Series Coupe rear seats



Judged on the impressive reviews of the new 6-Series Convertible this coupe version is bound to do well. There arent actually that many luxury 2+2 coupes on sale, this BMW will offer considerably more room and comfort than say a Jaguar XK or Porsche 911.

The most direct rival is probably the Mercedes CL, though wed expect that this 6-Series is far more suited to keen drivers. We just cant wait for them to reveal the new M6!

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