New Bentley Continental GT – What’s different?

The current Continental GT has always been a hit with the press. (Current buzzScore of 7.9). Now theres a new one!

Bentley claim its a completely new car, not just a facelift of the old one. Weve had a quick look at what the biggest differences between the two versions are.

The Front

The new one:

The old one:
Old Continental GT
A look at the front view shows that the new one closely follows the same design ethos. It retains the quad headlights and large front grills that defined the original.The biggest difference is the more upright grille, its less rounded than the previous version and looks similar to that on the Bentley Mulsanne (its big brother). The bottom grilles are also larger, with a painted metallic honeycomb pattern.

Another obvious addition for the new Continental are the smart new headlights, with a jewel-like design and LED daytime running lights.

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