New Toyota Aygo Prices & Specifications Revealed

What am I looking at?

The all-new Toyota Aygo, one of the Aygo, Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1 trio making its way to the UK soon.

What’s new?

As you might have read in our original preview, everything. The previous Aygo and its two French siblings have been on the market since 2005, a lifetime in automotive terms.

They were a breath of fresh air at launch, with neat styling and simple engineering – but time has caught up with them. The new Aygo aims to repeat its original feat, but has moved with the times in terms of interior fittings, economy and equipment levels.

Much of the car’s exterior and interior can be customised – that large X-shaped element at the front contrasts with the body colour, whichever paint finish you choose – while inside there’s an ‘x-touch’ touchscreen multimedia option (with ‘x-nav’ navigation), a rear-view camera and even keyless starting.

Toyota Aygo rear angle

What powers it?

A 1.0-litre, 68-horsepower three-cylinder petrol engine – in essence, similar to the previous car, but a little more powerful and we’d expect a little more frugal too.

As standard you’ll get a manual transmission, while an ‘x-shift’ automated manual gives customers the auto option. The car will top out at 99 mph (how fast do you actually go in a city car?…), and 60 mph arrives in 14.2 seconds. Whether manual or auto, you’ll not pay a penny in VED – each sneaks under the 100 g/km barrier.

Toyota Aygo interior

Anything else I should know?

One imagines whoever designed and specified the Aygo was a fan of the X-Men movies, as it’s apparently impossible to avoid the letter searching through the car’s press release.

Not only is the front end one giant X (and we’ve already mentioned x-nav, x-touch and x-shift…), but the car also comes in x, x-play and x-pression trim lines. Oh, and there are x-cite and x-clusiv special editions available at launch.

Various options are available on each, from leather seats to automatic headlights. We can’t help feeling the names are a bit x-treme though, and smack of marketing x-crement…

Toyota Aygo light

How much will it cost?

In entry-level x grade, 8,595. Actually, a little less for early buyers, as a 600 customer saving cuts prices to 7,995. x-play models climb to 9,795, x-pression to 10,995, x-cite cars are 11,195 and top-end x-clusiv models are 11,295.

To that, you can add 400 to upgrade from three to five doors, and an extra 700 for the x-shift automated manual. The Aygo debuts on July 1.

Toyota Aygo badge

Any alternatives?

Many. The obvious options are the Aygo’s cousins, the Peugeot 108 and Citroen C1. Historically, the C1 has been cheapest, and we know the Peugeot is taking a luxury tack this time around, so consider the Aygo the sporty one.

Beyond those, there’s the usual Up, Mii and Citigo trio, the new Hyundai i10, and the ageing Kia Picanto. Iffor some reason you want a city car that isn’t very good, there’s the Chevy Spark or Mitsubishi Mirage. And if you want more space for your eight grand or so, Dacia’s Sandero is an interesting left-field choice.

In a line:

Hold off on that VW Up order – the new Aygo could be one to watch.

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