New Volvo V40 price, specs and release date

Volvo has released images of the Concept 40.2, a car which, with minor changes, looks set to become the replacement for the current V40 hatchback.

Sitting upon an all-new platform which is set to be shared with the upcoming XC40, the V40 should build on the appeal of the existing Swedish alternative to the Audi A3. Given the promise of a plug-in hybrid system, it’s the A3 e-tron which is likely to become the Volvo’s closest rival.

New Volvo V40 styling

From the outside, the Concept 40.2 suggests that the new V40 will look completely different to the outgoing car. In place of the current model’s typical family hatchback shape, its replacement will sport a more balanced, upright saloon car-like profile  think of it like a more upmarket and contemporary version of the Skoda Octavia.

Styling cues like the bold grille and “Thor’s Hammer” LED lighting signature, give the front end an obvious family resemblance to the likes of the S90 saloon, and a deeply-sculpted section at the lower edge of the doors breaks up the large, smooth expanse of metal. The oversized alloy wheels of the concept are likely to be toned down for production, though.

At the back, a large pair of C-shaped tail lights neatly frame the boot lid, and the roofline tails off much more abruptly than the current hatchback design of the current V40.

New Volvo V40 driving and engines

Volvo’s new chassis design, known as Compact Modular Architecture, will allow the V40 to be powered by a range of plug-in hybrid and fully electric powertrains.

The full-EV Concept 40.2 delivers a claimed 217 mile range, though no performance figures have been confirmed yet. The battery pack is mounted beneath the floor, and keeping the weight down low should help the V40 to feel stable and secure on the road. Power will be sent to the front wheels only.

A plug-in hybrid version is set to be powered by a 1.5-litre petrol engine and supplemented by a small electric motor. In total, the system is set to produce around 250 horsepower, and a 30 mile electric-only range suggests that fuel costs should be very low for the average commuter.

New Volvo V40 prices and release date

Traditional petrol-powered and hybrid versions of the V40 will appear first, with a likely release in early 2017. The fully electric version is due in 2019.

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