Nissan’s crazy convertible SUV

Nissan have revealed what looks to be one of the oddest cars to go into production. The Murano CrossCabriolet is a convertible version of the Murano, a 4×4/crossover.
Nissan claim that its the worlds first crossover convertible, and were not doubting them. So if youve been hankering after a four wheel drive, two door, four seater convertible then youre in luck!
Were not quite sure on the point of it. We know that car manufacturers like to fill gaps in the market, but this is taking a bit far. Its proof to us that manufacturers are really struggling to find niches to fill.

Twitter Reactions

Weve looked through our friends on twitter to see what they made of it. As ever they put it brilliantly…
@samphilip – Coincidentally, ‘Murano CrossCabrio’ turns out to be an anagram of ‘I Can’t Stop Being Nauseous Yet Intrigued’.
@motormorph – When the picture leaked the first thing that came into my head was ‘bird bath’. Surely 80s Miami is the only place to pull it off
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