Nissan Juke Kuro – Mean looking special edition

Nissan have just released photos and details of the Nissan Juke Kuro special edition. It looks great, but whats different and is it good value?

This Kuro special edition is purely styling, theres no changes to the engine, mechanicals or interior. The differences are new 17 inch wheels, which are painted in gloss black, and black mirrors and door handles. Theres also two new metallic paint options, Pearl Black or Force Red.

Nissan Juke Kuro red

Unusually for a special edition, its not just the top end engine that the Kuro is available with, its any of the engines. Its basically an extension of the Tekna trim level (the most expensive one).

Lets see how much more the Kuro costs. With the 1.6 Petrol, the Tekna trim costs 16,495, while the Kuro costs 17,395, a 900 increase. For the 1.6 DIG-T, the Tekna trim costs 18,095, while the Kuro costs 18,895, again a 900 increase.

Nissan Juke Kuro reed

So is the Kuro worth 900? Well metallic paint is normally 455, and although all Jukes come with 17 wheels, the nicer Accesory wheels cost an extra 919. Making this Kuro pack pretty good value.

Nissan Juke Kuro Red side

Only 700 are coming to the UK, all of which come with a numbered plaque inside. If you were wondering, Kuro means black in Japanese.

Update (Sept-11)

Nissan have just released photos of the interior:

Nissan Juke Kuro interior


Nissan Juke Kuro red interior


Its little more than fancy paint and new wheels, but admittedly it does seem decent value if you want a top-spec Juke, and it does look good with the black wheels and these paint jobs. Just dont whatever you do think that itll hold its value better because its a limited edition. It wont!

N.B.Production of the Kuro has now ended. It has been replaced with the Nissan Juke Shiro, which is very similar. Click through to see full details for the new addition to the Juke range.

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