Nissan Juke N-Tec – Extra Kit Defines New Juke Line

Nissan took a risk when it launched the Juke, its crazy looks holding the potential to drive away customers in their droves.

But over half a million Jukes down the line, Nissan must be feeling pretty smug. The kooky straight-from-Tokyo styling cues clearly work for some, and the combination of supermini size and an off-road stance is very much in vogue.

Technology is a Juke selling point too, enhanced further with the new Juke n-tec.

Nissan Juke N-Tec front

Nissan says it’ll be the best selling model in an already high-selling range, and pricing starts at a competitive 16,295.

Central to the n-tec’s tech is a new Nissan Connect system with Google’s Send-To-Car-Technology. Part of the Juke’s nagivation system, Send-To-Car allows you to plan a route on your smartphone before leaving the house, and upload it to your Juke before you set off. It isn’t just convenient but safer too, taking away the temptation to play with the 5.8-inch touchscreen while you’re on the move.

The Google-based software also means drivers have access to Google’s Points of Interest database, as well as weather forecasts, local fuel prices and flight information.

Nissan Juke N-Tec rear

Bluetooth connectivity, MP3 compatibility and a rear-view camera finish off the infotainment kit. As with other Jukes, you can also choose between climate and driving functions using the Climate and D-Mode buttons on the centre console, altering the look and function of the buttons depending on your selection.

Based on the Acenta Premium trim line, n-tec models are equipped with a few extra features to make them stand out. Black and silver n-tec 18-inch alloy wheels glitz up the exterior, as does gloss black trim on the door mirrors, B-pillar, and door trim and a gloss black interior centre console.

Nissan Juke N-tec interior

The full roster of Juke engines is available, from the 1.6 petrol (manual standard, CVT optional) through the 17,690 1.5 dCi, to two-wheel drive manual and all-wheel drive CVT versions of the turbocharged 1.6 DIG-T petrol.

The latter of these hits the 20,000 mark on the nail, and in general you’ll pay 300-400 more for an n-tec than you will for Acenta Premium trim.

Priced from: 16,295

Available from: Now

Nissan Juke N-Tec infotainment


Clever kit and unique styling touches help justify a slight price bump over Acenta Premium models. Beyond that it has the same love it/hate it characteristics as any other Juke – but as Nissan’s second-best selling model in the UK, even the haters will have to get used to seeing more of them on the roads…

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