Nissan Expands Juke Personalisation Scheme

A month back we covered the range of hues you can order for a new Nissan Juke. But for some the choice of a single body colour isn’t enough and now Nissan has enhanced the personalisation service for the Juke.

With a wider range of colour choices on the exterior trim pieces – up from 8 to 11 with the addition of Electric Blue, Mat Black and Black Purple – you can make your Juke look as bold or as haphazard as you wish.

The interior now also gets the customised look, with four areas – centre console, tweeter speakers, air vents and floor mats – up for colouring or accenting with the same palette as the exterior.

To help you visualise your bespoke Juke, Nissan has a spangly3D configurator on its website so you can build and swap parts to your heart’s content. When you’re happy with your creation, the website will give you a unique code which you can take to any Nissan dealer when ordering your new car, so your dream Juke can be realised.

Using the configurator, we’ve taken the liberty of building a few Jukes for you to sample:

Code: 170no7E

Purple and orange is a pretty bold colour combination, but then the Juke is a pretty bold looking car anyway. You certainly won’t miss it in a car park, even at night.

Code: 16clk7d

There’s something classy and sporting about red bodywork with black accents – especially in glossy, piano black. While the non-Nismo Jukes may not have the chutzpah to back the look up, it is nevertheless a clean and grown-up combination.

Code: 17Ps4qH

But then the Juke’s all about fun, so why not make it look like a toddler’s toybox? Stretching the available trim and colour combinations to breaking point, this Juke’s got a bit of everything slapped onto a contrasting body colour.

The configurator does have plenty more tasteful ways of jazzing up your Juke, of course… we say have a play with the configurator and find your perfect combo. If you buy a Juke in your favourite hue, send us a picture and let us know!

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